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Migraines services offered in Ames, IA

Migraines can change the course of a normal day, making it hard for you to focus on anything else. At Campustown Dental in Ames, Iowa, Jason Brown, DDS, lead a team of professionals, including two experienced dental hygienists who are dedicated to delivering relief from conditions like migraines. Book your visit by phone today, or check out the online scheduling tool. 

What are migraines?

Migraines are often considered to be a severe type of headache, but technically, the term refers to a condition of neurological symptoms, head pain being just one. A migraine usually causes severe throbbing or pulsing pain on just one side of your head. 

You might also experience additional symptoms, including seeing flashes or specks of light and sensations of tingling or numbness on one side of your face, arm, or leg. You may even find it difficult to tolerate bright light or certain sounds while in the midst of a migraine attack.

Researchers are unaware of the cause of migraines. It appears that a combination of genetic and environmental factors may be to blame.

For most people, the experience begins with small changes that hint that a migraine is on the way, followed by a period of intense discomfort. The actual attack usually lasts between 4-72 hours. Afterward, many people experience fatigue or confusion for a day or so.

What is TruDenta®?

TruDenta is an FDA-cleared migraine therapy system only available from dental professionals. The process begins with an advanced diagnostic assessment to learn more about the musculoskeletal system in your jaw, neck, and head. 

The nerves and ligaments running through your jaw and head are subject to harm, and damage to these components can create migraine pain. Your dentist checks for inflammation or signs of tension in these areas.

TruDenta is a wonderful option for people who are not good candidates for drug therapy to control migraine attacks. Many people try this approach after other treatment options fail to deliver lasting results. 

What happens during TruDenta treatment for migraines?

Your treatment plan conforms to your specific set of needs. Most people benefit from coming in for a series of up to 12 treatments, each of which only takes around an hour. 

The treatment includes a combination of different modalities. Ultrasound, microcurrent, and  low-level photobiomodulation work with manual (hands-on) therapy to manipulate trigger points. 

Treatments are not painful, and there’s no need for any advance preparation or recovery time. You won’t need anesthesia, and many people return to their daily routines immediately after their visits.

If you live with chronic and debilitating migraines, TruDenta might be a solution. To explore this option in greater detail, schedule a visit online today. You’re also welcome to call and speak with a member of the administrative path regarding appointment availability.