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Green Dental Practice in Ames, Iowa

At Campustown Dental, we understand the importance of being environmentally friendly in all aspects of life, even in our dental procedures. There are many dental procedures that use excessive amounts of water, electricity, and generate a huge amount of metallic waste, which causes a great impact on the environment. All of these have contributed towards the need for adopting eco-friendly measures, or green dentistry.

What Does Green Dentistry Include?

Green dentistry is an approach that includes the use of environmentally friendly dental procedures, safe materials, and the latest dental technologies, reducing the impact of dental waste on the environment. According to the Eco-Dentistry Association, a dental office willing to practice green dentistry should work towards:

  • Reduction in pollution and waste
  • Use of the latest dental innovations
  • Conserving water, energy, and money
  • Creating a caring and healthy environment for patients

How Our Dentists Practice Green Dentistry

At Campustown Dental, we are committed to transforming our dental practice into a green dentistry model that promotes environmental health. We try to achieve this objective in the following ways:

  • Using non-toxic and eco-friendly products for fillings
  • Applying non-hazardous disinfectants for cleaning equipment and surfaces
  • Eliminating unnecessary waste
  • Employing the right means of medical waste disposal
  • Effectively using water and energy
  • Using digital X-rays that do not release harmful chemicals
  • Providing metal-free dental treatment procedures
  • Utilizing steam sterilization methods
Our dentists continuously strive towards environment conservation through safe and eco-friendly dental procedures.

If you are looking for a dental office that practices green dentistry, call us at 515-292-7262.

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